• Galvanizing the North and beyond.

Norgalv is a new Canadian company that has built and operates a state-of-the-art galvanizing plant in North Bay, Ontario. 

The plant exists to serve manufacturers throughout Northern Ontario and across the province no matter the industry. The only galvanizing operation in Northern Ontario (and the most advanced in the entire province), the facility is a semi-automated, single-line, hot-dip galvanizing plant, with a kettle measuring 8m long x 1.4m wide x 3.5m deep (26.2’ x 4.6’ x 11.5’).

While it is impressive and imposing on the outside, and a technological marvel on the inside, at the heart of the Norgalv difference is our commitment to quality, and our pledge to our customers – we treat your steel like its ours, and give your products the respect they deserve.

Galvanizing – the Preferred Option

Our mission is to take galvanizing from a commodity – something to be done only when specified by the client – to the preferred option for quality and durability. We will go above the industry standard for our clients; put simply, we believe a galvanizing plant must do more than simply “meet spec”. 

Our goal is to provide the customers who come to us with such confidence in the quality of our work that their client won’t have to insist on galvanizing – engineers and manufacturers will strongly recommend it as a necessary step in the process to extend the life of their product for the end-user. 

Norgalv will remove the risk, remove the worry, and ensure our customers have happy clients, without fail. You can trust us with your steel. Respectfully handled, clean, and packed properly.

Once customers have experienced the Norgalv difference, we won’t need to explain, “Why galvanize?” Customers and clients will ask, “Why isn’t this galvanized?”

Good Neighbours

Our new plant is clean, safe, and 100% environmentally friendly. We have been grateful for the support of all levels of government, and are eager to be a part of and help grow the local business community. As we serve customers across Ontario and Quebec, we are proud to call North Bay home and happy to be your neighbours.

Norgalv is a proud member of the following organizations: