About us

When you hand your steel over to Norgalv, we are keenly aware that we have been invited to become an important part of your process.

Trust that, like you, we stand by our work. Our commitment to our customers is to exceed ASTM standards, and make service, quality, and respect for our customers the cornerstones of our company’s culture.

At Norgalv, we are:

  • Focused on the highest levels of Quality and Service.
  • Dedicated to building confidence in galvanizing, making it a “given” as part of any steel manufacturing process.
  • Committed to taking the client desire for galvanizing from a “pain point” to a “pleasure point” in seeing the gleaming finished product, done right, ready to last.

We’re on a mission to change the way you perceive galvanizing – that’s the Norgalv promise.

The New Plant

Norgalv’s new 32,500-square-foot facility sits at the Airport Industrial Park. The multi-million dollar plant  was designed by leading industry specialists and uses the most advanced technology supplied by expert manufacturers from Austria, Germany and the UK.

Our People

We also know, however, that a focus on quality and service starts with the right people.

Norgalv purposefully built a team of people who have a passion for service. Our personnel have not only received the best training available; they have become part of a culture that values excellence and caring – about the product, and each other. Working in a handsome new facility, a clean, freshly painted environment inside and out, equipped with new, modern equipment, it is evident that these values are shared by all. The pride is reflected in the work that goes out the door, and everyone at Norgalv stands ready to galvanize the North and beyond.

  • Having a galvanizer in Northern Ontario is a huge benefit to our business, especially one that provides the level of service and quality we’ve come to expect from Norgalv. Our work gets done quickly and effectively and there’s never a problem when we have special requirements. We’re excited to work with Norgalv for years to come.
    Carl Crewson

Building Norgalv

Norgalv Grand Opening Plant Tour