Now that you know Norgalv and know we understand your challenges and are ready to be a trusted member of YOUR team, serving YOUR clients, we want to create a lasting relationship with you that will benefit everyone involved in the chain of commerce. We want to be involved with businesses that are as passionate and perfectionist about their product as we are.


Entrepreneurs Wanted!

If you’re on the same page in driving towards an environment where the question isn’t “Why galvanize?”, but rather, “Why isn’t this galvanized?”, we want to talk to you.

Norgalv’s state-of-the-art facility is built to last, nestled in the spacious North Bay Airport Industrial Park, and we are looking for entrepreneurs who share our vision of excellence, and are aligned with us on their offerings. Norgalv’s partnership with the City of North Bay has been excellent and mutually beneficial. North Bay is open for business, so if you are a manufacturer or fabricator who knows you’ll need galvanizing, why not set up shop where you have direct access to the best in the business?

Together, we can join forces and establish production of your product so that it feeds directly into Norgalv’s process, ensuring a smooth supply chain and the best quality for your clients. Remember, we’ll treat your steel like it is ours, and give your products the respect they deserve.

If you’re a visionary businessperson or entrepreneur dedicated to providing the highest quality and durability, as well as the very best service, and want to add speed and efficiency to “galvanize” that winning combination, we want to build a successful partnership with you.